Started From the Bottom Papeback Book

Started From the Bottom Papeback Book

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PEOPLE typically define success by what a person has obtained or accomplished. However, what is lost on many, is the journey one often travels in order to arrive at a place of success.

Dr. ShaRonda Shaw is the epitome of success, and more than that; survival. Taking on extreme challenges that stem back to her early childhood, she was able to persevere and overcome them all, to become one of the nation’s leading physicians. But, until now , Dr Shaw has never been transparent about her dark accounts of sexual and domestic abuse, her involvement with the illegal drug trade, or even her stint in the word of adult entertainment.

Started From The Bottom, is a book that gives an inside look into the life of the woman who’s been coined, “The Doctor Next Door”.  She openly shares these never-before-heard details, in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their dreams despite their past, or the obstacles one may face.

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